Iran can be seen as an accomplice in Russia's war crimes in Ukraine – Biden adviser


Iran can be seen as an accomplice in Russia's war crimes in Ukraine - Biden adviser

Tehran continues to help Moscow commit the genocide of Ukrainians, in particular, by transferring weapons to the Russian occupiers. The White House stated that Iran contributes to the massive war crimes of the invaders in our state and must be punished for this.

The United States is stepping up pressure on Iran, imposing ever-tougher sanctions to keep the country from helping Russia. On Monday, December 9, White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan said that Tehran is involved in the crimes committed by the Russians in our territories.

The position of the white house in relation to Tehran is unshakable

Note that from the moment when it became known that Iran is helping Russia, Washington has noted the involvement of this country in the Russian-Ukrainian war. According to Sullivan, the drones that Tehran provides to the Kremlin are helping to realize Putin's plan to plunge our state into total darkness.

Their weapons (Iranian – Channel 24) are being used to kill civilians in Ukraine and attempt to plunge cities into cold and darkness, which, in our view, puts Iran in a position where it could potentially facilitate large-scale war crimes,” the adviser said.

In addition, journalists recalled that this month the United States imposed sanctions against six executives and board members of the Iranian drone manufacturer. Actually, this happened after the organization provided Moscow with UAVs that Russian troops used to attack Ukraine.

How many more massive strikes can Russia carry out with Iranian UAVs

The Institute for the Study of War noted that Russia had significantly devastated warehouses with missiles. At the same time, recent drone attacks have shown that the enemy uses them at random and in the most inefficient way. However, Moscow has enough of these drones for several more massive attacks.

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