Iran launches its own Tinder counterpart for “strong and meaningful marriages”

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Iran launches its own analogue of Tinder for

Hamdam (“Sputnik”) application started working in Iran. It helps users find a mate to create a family. This is the only dating app that is considered legal in Iran and was initiated by the local government. The authorities hope that the service will help combat declining birth rates and raising the age of marriage.

The Guardian told about the application for “strong and meaningful marriages”. The Hamdam website states that the artificial intelligence is matching “only bachelors looking for permanent marriage and one spouse.”

Registration in the application does not require money. Every Hamdam user must verify their identity and pass a psychological test before being admitted to the service. If the selection is successful and the couple decides to get married, special consultants will help them organize an acquaintance with the family. They will also “accompany” the newlyweds for four years after the wedding.

Iran is currently experiencing a large number of divorces – in 2020, about 300,000 marriages and almost 100,000 divorces were registered. The birth rate in the country also fell: the annual population growth fell in 2020 to 1.29%.

In March, Iran's parliament passed a law designed to improve the demographic situation in the country and help families. The document ordered the government to restrict access to abortion, develop financial incentives for marriage and the birth of more than two children.

In May, telecom operators noted that Russians' interest in mobile dating services increased sharply. They concluded that the peak of interest in such online projects in Russia is often associated with large offline events, such as the European Football Championship.

Analysts believe that interest in dating services will increase every year. In the spring, Diginavis, a firm of former Minister of Communications and Mass Media Nikolai Nikiforov, invested $ 100,000 in the TalkNow app. The service allows users to meet and communicate using voice.

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