Iran summoned a Ukrainian diplomat because of Podolyak's comment: how the Foreign Ministry reacted


Iran summoned a Ukrainian diplomat because of Podolyak's comment: how the Foreign Ministry reacted

On Monday, January 30, the Chargé d'Affaires of Ukraine in Tehran was summoned to the Iranian Foreign Ministry due to “comments on drone strike.” On the day of the incident, Mikhail Podolyak reacted succinctly to a drone attack on a military plant in Iran.

The speaker of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Oleg Nikolenko in his comment Channel 24 noted that Ukraine has repeatedly warned Iran. At the same time, the cause of the explosions at Iranian military facilities is unknown to the leadership of Ukraine.

The incident in Iran is the consequences of friendship with Russia

The consequences for supporting aggression against Ukraine will be far greater than the benefits of cooperation with Russia. We do not know the cause of the explosions at Iranian facilities. But as the Persian folk wisdom says: do no harm to another, and you will not harm yourself,” Nikolenko said.

Alarabiya notes that the head of the Politburo for Eurasian Affairs handed a letter to the Ukrainian diplomat urging him to immediately provide official clarifications from the government Ukraine.

What preceded this

Mikhail Podolyak, adviser to the head of the Presidential Office, succinctly stated that “Ukraine warned Tehran,” although he did not voice the details of this incident.

According to Podolyak, both its direct participants and those who contribute to the conflict will pay for this war. Actually, we are talking about Russia, which unleashed a war on our territories, and Iran, which helps her in this by supplying weapons.

“The logic of war is inexorable and deadly. And it makes tough accounts for the authors and accomplices. Explosive night in Iran: drone and rocket production, oil refining. Ukraine warned,” Podolyak commented on the situation.

Drones attack in Iran: brief

  • On the night of January 29, explosions were heard in the Iranian city of Isfahan. Drones attacked one of the centers for the production of ammunition of the country's Ministry of Defense. Subsequently, official sources noted that there seemed to be no casualties.
  • Later, the drones hit an oil refinery in the industrial district of Salimi in the city of Azarshahr. A large-scale fire broke out as a result of the explosion.
  • After a while, a message appeared on the official website of the Iranian Ministry of Defense stating that Tehran confirms the attack, but notes that the damage from it is small.
  • Note that so far there is no official confirmation of who attacked Iranian military facilities with drones and for what purpose, but certain conclusions can still be drawn. And they relate to the fact that Tehran has finally caught up with karma.
  • Read the details of the explosions in Iran in the material of Channel 24.

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