Iran vows not to give Russia its satellite to spy on Ukraine


Iran promises not to give Russia its satellite to spy on Ukraine

Iran promises not to allow Russia to spy on Ukraine via satellite/Channel 24 Collage

Tehran denies that the Iranian satellite will be used by Russia to monitor Ukraine. Iranian experts plan to monitor the satellite immediately after launch.


Earlier, the Office of the President suggested that Tehran could provide the aggressor state not only with drones, but also help launch a spy satellite. The Iranian Space Agency denies such assumptions.

Khayyam satellite will be launched from Baikonur

The Khayyam satellite will be launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome using a Soyuz rocket on August 9. After that, they say in Iran, its operation will be carried out by Iranian specialists exclusively from the territory of the country. Moreover, the exchange of information between Khayyam and the space agency will be encrypted and seemingly inaccessible to other countries.

No country will have access to such information and rumors about use of satellite images to serve the military purposes of another country do not correspond to reality, ISA claims.

The media wrote that Russia will retain control of the satellite

Note that The Washington Post, citing two Western intelligence officials wrote that Russia would retain control of the Iranian satellite after launch. Moreover, for an indefinite period.

Moscow will also continue to strengthen cooperation with Tehran in order to get more drones for use in the war in Ukraine.

Pay attention! Khayyam satellite ” At first, Iran planned to use it for espionage in the Middle East. Russia, according to media reports, has agreed to build the Canopus-V system for the spacecraft, which will be equipped with a high-resolution camera.

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