Iran's defense ministry says drone attack on plant was “unsuccessful”


Iranian Defense Ministry says drone attack on factory was 'failed'

Unidentified drones attacked Iran's military installations, causing massive fires to break out. At the same time, shelling was confirmed in Tehran, but they were called allegedly ineffective.

On the night of January 29, it was restless on the territory of Iran, which is helping Russia to wage war against Ukraine. However, the country's Ministry of Defense refuses to admit that the drones caused considerable damage.

There are allegedly no casualties

Note that this incident occurred in the city of Isfahan, where one of the country's military installations is located. Tehran notes that there are no people injured as a result of this attack.

One ​​of the workshop complexes of the Iranian Ministry of Defense was attacked by drones to no avail. One of the UAVs was shot down by air defense. Two more aircraft were caught and blown up, the department writes.

At the same time, at the end of the statement, it is still said that the roof of the enterprise was somewhat damaged as a result of shelling, but “not critical.” Actually, the workshop continues to operate as it was before, because “the authorities managed to quickly and effectively eliminate the consequences of the attack.”

In addition, footage showing “minor damage” to one of the workshops of the Ministry of Defense is being distributed over the network. Iran in Isfahan.

Iran continues to help Russia wage war

  • It should be noted that a massive fire also broke out at the oil refinery in the industrial district of Salimi in the city of Azarshahr.
  • Such incidents are obviously a direct or secondary consequence of the fact that the defense industry of Iran has been working in recent months to help the Kremlin commit genocide in Ukraine.
  • < li> Let's notice that while there is no official data on who and for what purpose attacked Iranian military facilities with drones, however, certain conclusions can still be drawn. And they relate to the fact that Tehran has finally caught up with karma.

  • At the same time, an expert from the Ukrainian Institute for the Future, Iliya Kusa, noted that the West will offer Iran favorable conditions so that it refuses to cooperate with Russia.

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