Irish doctors called the benefits of forgetting

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Irish Biologists: Forgetting Is Part of Learning

Irish doctors called the benefits of forgetting


Irish scientists have said that the process of forgetting is not a mistake, but a functional feature of the brain that allows it to dynamically interact with the environment, according to the Trinity College Dublin website.

As biologists have clarified, forgetting some things is useful and contributes to more flexible human behavior. He starts to make smarter decisions. If the memories were born in circumstances that do not quite match the current environment, forgetting them can have a positive effect on well-being, the scientists called the benefits of this process.

Experts believe that forgetting is a learning process in which the brain retains certain memories and deletes others. “Because environmental conditions affect the rate of forgetting, experts suggest that forgetting is part of learning,” explained Tomas Ryan, one of the authors of the scientific work.

Previously, scientists have said that the main cause of memory loss is aging. As the experts clarified, some forgetfulness is normal and does not indicate a problem.

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