Irish senator accuses Putin of missing local dolphin

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Irish senator accuses Putin of missing local dolphin

Irish Senator Ned O'Sullivan announced the alleged involvement of Russian President Vladimir Putin personally in the disappearance of a dolphin from Dingle Harbor in County Kerry. Writes about this The Irish Post.

The famous local dolphin Fungi disappeared a few months ago. According to one theory, he could be lost due to acoustic interference from sonars used by sailors around the world. Cetaceans, on the other hand, use echolocation, similar to sonar, to communicate, as well as to observe their environment, search for food and detect danger.

O'Sullivan, commenting on the disappearance of the dolphin, said that “the Russians could have been involved. Perhaps Putin, ”he added. Environment Minister Malcolm Noonan, in turn, refused to blame Russia, but considered the theory of underwater noise to have a right to exist.

In November 2018, more than 145 black dolphins (grindas) washed ashore on the Stewart Island beach in New Zealand in a matter of days. Scientists still do not know what causes aquatic mammals to commit suicide. Researchers believe they may be affected by sonar of warships, ocean pollution and magnetic storms As a rule, if one dolphin is thrown ashore, other animals from the flock try to help him and end up trapped themselves.

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