Is armament ending in Ukraine: Zelensky dotted the “i”


Is Ukraine running out of weapons: Zelensky dotted the "i"

Zelensky spoke about the armament of the Ukrainian army/Channel 24 collage

can simply give away the human resource, the Armed Forces of Ukraine need weapons. Moreover, the weapons should work at a distance that the Ukrainian army needs now.

The President of Ukraine spoke about this during an online press conference for the Danish media. Volodymyr Zelensky stressed that every opportunity should be used to end the war, no matter how difficult it may be.

Ukrainian army lacks armored vehicles

Head of the state stressed: Ukrainians are fighting on their own land, which, although occupied by Russian invaders. Zelensky assured that reports that Ukraine is running out of even conventional weapons are not true.

We have enough weapons, but not enough of the weapons that act at the distance that we need and important. We need to reduce Russia's advantage in technology. We do not have enough armored vehicles, which is why we are losing people,” the President of Ukraine explained.

Ukraine has been waiting for fundamental weapons for a long time

Zelensky added: Ukraine has been waiting for this fundamentally important weaponry for a very long time. Even at the beginning of the war, official Kyiv asked to “close the sky”, but Ukrainians did not wait for this.

We constantly found alternatives to this solution: if you can't close the sky, give us airplanes, but we didn't wait for the airplanes. If he cannot give aircraft, give him modern air defense systems. We are looking forward to this,” Zelensky said.

The head of state noted that 10-15 cruise missiles hit Ukrainian territory every day, their targets are civilian objects.

Military assistance to Ukraine: the latest news

  • Military expert Alexander Musienko is confident that lend-lease will definitely work, preparatory procedures continue.
  • He also hopes that the situation with weapons will move forward after the meeting of defense ministers NATO countries – “Ramstein-3”.
  • In June it became known that the Polish self-propelled artillery installations Krab are already working at the front. Their Armed Forces are effectively used against the enemy.
  • Canada also announced new military assistance. It purchased 20,000 artillery shells for the transferred M777 howitzers.
  • Meanwhile, Germany is in every possible way delaying the provision of weapons, and Bulgaria, for example, refused to do so at all.

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