Is Germany Helping Ukraine Enough: What the Pentagon Thinks About It

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Is Germany helping Ukraine enough: what do the Pentagon think about it

The Pentagon thinks that "Germany continues to be open" in helping Ukraine.

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin believes that Germany and other countries will help Ukraine enough in the fight against the enemy, however, in his opinion, more efforts can be made.

He spoke about this at a press conference following the Ramstein summit.

But we can all do more for this. The United States and any other country, or EU member state Germany is very attached to helping Ukraine. We saw what she did at the beginning of the war. They were Gepard, Patriot and others. They were also responsible for conducting exercises on various training platforms, now we are preparing the Ukrainian military to quickly train on modern installations, especially when we talk about tanks, Germany continues to be open to continue such exercises at its training grounds for the Ukrainian military. Germany also trains the command. And we also see German contributions, in fact, during the meeting of the contact groups (Ramstein – ed.),” he replied.

Leopard tanks from Germany< /h2>

Recall that earlier the American media, citing sources, reported that the head of the Pentagon, Lloyd Austin, at a meeting with German Defense Minister Pistorius, could not agree on the transfer of Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine. The FRG has been delaying the supply of tanks to Ukraine for 11 months.< /p>

U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, during a press conference following the Ramstein meeting, said that Germany is not yet ready to provide Ukraine with Leopard tanks.

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