Is Putin ready to attack NATO countries: Zhdanov named a possible direction


Is Putin ready to attack NATO countries: Zhdanov named a possible direction

< p _ngcontent-sc181="" class="news-annotation">It has been repeatedly said in the media that Putin wants to take over the world. To do this, Russia sometimes provokes NATO to start armed aggression.

This was stated by military expert Oleg Zhdanov. He noted that the Kremlin wants to present itself as a peacemaker, and make NATO an aggressor.

Which directions can Russia attack?

According to the expert, the Russians may attack NATO countries with which they share a common border. These are, in particular, the Baltic countries (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia) and Poland.

Russia constantly threatens that it will break through the Suwalki corridor and cut off the Baltic countries from mainland Europe.

Zhdanov assessed the likelihood of a Russian attack on NATO: watch the video

Note!< /strong> The Suwalki Corridor is a territory connecting the Baltic countries with Poland and other NATO countries, and also separating the territory of the Russian Kaliningrad region and Belarus.

I think that Russia is unlikely to attack NATO. The Kremlin is trying to provoke NATO so that the countries of the alliance fire the first shot towards Russia,” Zhdanov said.

He also recalled that during military exercises in the summer, the Russians tried to provoke a military conflict. Russian paratroopers were supposed to land on the Suwalski corridor, which, according to Zhdanov, is a very dangerous step.

“A kilometer to the left, a kilometer to the right – and the paratroopers are already on the territory of Poland,” the expert noted.

Will NATO continue to support Ukraine

  • NATO General Rob Baver noted that Russia's unprovoked war against Ukraine has ushered in a new era of security for the whole world. According to him, NATO will support Ukraine for as long as it is needed.
  • The head of the NATO Military Committee added that at present, the Alliance member countries should always be ready and “react to the unexpected.”
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  • Note that 9 countries of the world recently publicly condemned the actions of Russia and pledged to provide our army with everything necessary for us to win this unjust war.

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