Is Russia ready to resume the attack on Kharkov: the opinion of a military expert


Is Russia ready to resume the attack on Kharkov: the opinion of a military expert

Military expert on the threat of an attack on Kharkov/Collage of Channel 24

Russian invaders have not abandoned the idea of ​​capturing as many Ukrainian cities as possible. In particular, the occupiers can resume their attack on Kharkiv.


Such an opinion 24 channelsmilitary expert Konstantin Mashovets said. The fact that Russia is preparing to attack Kharkov was reported at the Institute for the Study of War.

The threat of an attack on Kharkov

According to Mashovets, offensive actions of the enemy in the Kharkiv direction are quite possible.

However, they (offensive actions – Channel 24) will not have any such scale as blocking the city or trying to surround it, – noted he.

The military expert added that Kharkiv is a million-plus city, and the Russians will not be able to surround it.

“Even the forces and means that they have concentrated there are simply not enough for this,” Mashovets emphasized.


Enemy forces near Kharkov

According to the military expert, Russia withdrew 4 tactical battalion groups from the Kharkov direction, transferring 5 new formations there.


“The Russian group, which is now operating north and northeast of Kharkov, is trying to move south and cut the Kharkov-Stary Saltov road,” he said.

“Inviolable “reserve” of Russians

Mashovets added that behind these troops is a fully equipped 144th motorized rifle division of Russians.

This is the only significant operational reserve of the Russian command. The division is standing there, as if rooted to the spot. She is also not yet introduced into battle. This is a kind of emergency reserve of the Russian military command,” said the military expert.

According to him, there are now lively discussions among experts about how exactly Russia will attract this division. It is assumed that this formation can be abandoned for an attack on Kharkov. Or the Russian command can withdraw this division to reinforce the army of infidels in eastern Ukraine.

A military expert spoke about the situation on the front line: watch the video

Situation in Kharkiv region: latest news

  • Occupiers continue shelling Kharkiv and the region. On the night of July 29, the enemy fired 8 missiles at the region.
  • The mayor of Kharkov, Igor Terekhov, said that at 4:09, 2 enemy “arrivals” took place.
  • Infidels' missiles hit a residential building and a higher educational institution.
  • In the Kharkiv region, the Armed Forces of Ukraine conducted a brilliant operation to destroy infidels. The Ukrainian military sent 300 Russian invaders to hell at the same time.

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