“Islamic State” wanted to encroach on US President George W. Bush, – media


The Islamic State wanted to assassinate US President George W. Bush, - media

The Islamic State was preparing an assassination attempt on Bush Jr./USA Today

ISIS planned an assassination attempt on former US President George W. Bush. The FBI was able to uncover the intentions of the terrorists.

An Iraqi citizen associated with the militants of the “Islamic state” monitored the property of George W. Bush. As the FBI learned, an assassination attempt was being prepared on the former US president.

Assassination attempt on Bush

The FBI learned that the man had been watching George W. Bush for a long time. In addition, he managed to recruit mercenaries, whom he hoped to smuggle into the United States through the Mexican border. The group was supposed to “take revenge” on the former President of the United States and kill him.

The FBI learned about the attacker's plans thanks to two confidential informants within ISIS. In addition, surveillance of the terrorist's WhatsApp account was established.

The suspect, Shihab Ahmed, lives in Columbus, Ohio. He firmly believes that it was Bush who was responsible for the deaths of many Iraqi citizens and the 2003 faucet split.

The FBI is reportedly continuing to actively monitor ISIS and its fighters. In recent years, terrorists have been weakened by informers and intelligence agents, but they still remain dangerous. Also, the cooperation between the FBI and WhatsApp showed that law enforcement officers are working to prevent crime because of the metadata that they manage to get from the technology giants. In today's world, terrorists must communicate via the Internet, where they try to catch before they can make their plans a reality.

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