Israel agrees to sell Iranian drone protection system to Ukraine, – Axios


Israel agrees to sell Iranian drone protection system to Ukraine, - Axios

The Russian military continues to attack Ukraine with Iranian kamikaze drones. To counter them, Israel agreed to sell systems to help jam Shahids.

Note that this is very good news. It should be understood that for the first time since the start of a full-scale invasion, Israel has accepted a license to export defense products. It provides for the sale of weapons to Ukraine.

Israel has always been reserved

Note that Israel was in no hurry to provide military assistance to Ukraine. Thus, the country sought to avoid tension in relations with Russia. In addition, she did not want to harm her security interests in Syria.

The question was accepted for a month. It should be noted that the approval of export licenses by Defense Minister Yoav Gallan and Foreign Minister Eli Cohen took place in mid-February. Then Israel, on the orders of Netanyahu, reviewed its policy on the war. But then no decisions were made. Cohen subsequently told Volodymyr Zelensky about this when he was in Kyiv on a visit on February 15.

Meanwhile, Israeli and Ukrainian officials say licenses have been approved for two Israeli companies , Elbit and Rafael. They are developing anti-drone systems.

Israel introduced the system to Ukraine

The publication quotes a Ukrainian official who spoke about the recent visit of a delegation from the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. In its course, Israel demonstrated the operation of anti-drone systems. But even at that time, no agreement had yet been signed.

What are these systems capable of?

They use electronic warfare equipment. With their help, it is possible to jam and shoot down enemy drones. The range of such installations is about 25 miles (40 kilometers). They can be located near power plants or other critical facilities where the Russians launch Shahids.

These installations are important for Ukraine, but not critical. After all, the installations available in our state manage to shoot down 75-90% of the drones that the enemy launches. On the other hand, it will be possible to save missiles for air defense systems, necessary to destroy cruise missiles, which also attack the Russians.

What we really need is a ballistic missile defense system,” the official told reporters.

It should be noted that during the last massive missile attack, the Russians used 6 Kinzhal missiles. Their existing air defense systems in Ukraine cannot be shot down. And our state urgently needs equipment that would allow this to be corrected. Especially against the background of the fact that Russia may receive ballistic missiles from Iran, which have been talked about for many months now.

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