Israel banned the sale of raspberries

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Israel banned the sale of raspberries

Israel's Chief Rabbinate has declared raspberries a non-kosher berry and banned their sale in stores.

Now, in Israeli outlets that have a kosher certificate, it is prohibited to sell fresh and frozen raspberries, as well as products in which this berry is contained entirely. Products that do not contain whole raspberries (dry teas, yoghurts, etc.) are allowed for sale.

The religious men endured the ban because insects are often found in raspberries. And the code of Jewish dietary laws (kashrut) prohibits the consumption of insects.

Israel is one of the countries in which religion is not separated from the state. Questions of the registry office, kashrut, observance of the laws of the Sabbath, which is a day off in Israel, and so on, are given to the jurisdiction of religious structures. This is also why kosher is observed in the vast majority of Israeli shops, cafes and restaurants, hotels.

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