Israel blocks supply of Spike anti-tank missiles to Ukraine, media


Israel did not allow the supply of Spike anti-tank missiles to Ukraine, – media

Israel did not allow the supply of Spike anti-tank missiles to Ukraine/ukrmilitary

Israel allegedly did not allow Berlin to supply Ukraine with Spike anti-tank missiles. They say that they agree to transfer only non-lethal weapons.

So, Israel seemed to have rejected the US request to allow Berlin to supply missiles. They are produced in Germany using Israeli technology and license.

Disputes between the US and Israel over weapons

According to media reports, arms supplies to the US and Israel had political differences.

Under pressure from the administration of US President Joe Biden, Israel seems to have somewhat changed its policy towards Moscow. The country has taken a more pro-Ukrainian stance than it did after the start of the Russian attack. However, Israel still does not supply modern weapons to Ukraine.

Request for missiles was rejected

Israeli Defense Ministry representative Amir Eshel met with US Deputy Defense Secretary Colin Kahl in Washington 2 weeks ago. They discussed security cooperation between the countries.

Kahl told Eshel about US efforts to push countries to supply weapons to Ukraine. The American asked if Israel would give Germany permission to transfer Spike anti-tank missiles to Ukraine. The media write that Eshel rejected this request. He replied that Israel would only supply Ukraine with non-lethal weapons.

Pay attention! On April 20, Israel authorized the supply of helmets and vests to Ukrainian rescue services. This is the country's first defense aid since the beginning of Russia's full-scale offensive.

Ukraine will receive more heavy weapons from the United States

  • Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba, after meeting with US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, said that more weapons, including heavy weapons.
  • We also recall that on May 9, Biden signed the law on lend-lease for Ukraine. This means that now the United States will send us more aid, in particular, military assistance as soon as possible.
  • Already on May 22, the President of the States signed a law on the allocation of 40 billion dollars to Ukraine. Most of the money will be directed to weapons for Ukraine, another part to support the Ukrainian economy.

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