Israel to open borders to tourists from July

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Israel to open borders to tourists from July

The Israeli Ministry of Internal Affairs said that from July 1, 2021, most tourists will be able to visit the country without hindrance, regardless of whether they participate in a group tour or arrive individually.

The main condition for admission to the territory of Israel will be the availability of documents on vaccination against coronavirus infection. However, prior authorization is no longer required.

Until the beginning of July, the previous rules are in effect, and permits will be issued on the basis of several points, the main one of which will also be vaccination.

For tourists who are allowed to enter the country without vaccination, there will be a requirement for self-isolation for 10-14 days in accordance with the recommendations of the Israeli Ministry of Health.

During the same period, travelers from countries with a high incidence of coronavirus, including from Russia, India, Brazil and a number of others, will not be allowed into the country. If necessary, a special committee will make individual decisions on the issue of entry from “dangerous” countries.

Also, the committee will be in charge of permission for Israelis to travel to countries with a high level of COVID-19 infection, and Israeli citizens will be able to travel to other states without hindrance.

A large-scale campaign to vaccinate citizens has been launched in Israel since the second half of December last year. According to official figures, today more than half of the population is vaccinated in the country. For vaccination, a drug from the American company Pfizer is used.

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