Israeli court recognizes chronic alcoholism as a consequence of the war

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Israeli court recognizes chronic alcoholism as a consequence of the war

The World Court in Haifa, Israel, ruled that a man who suffered from chronic alcoholism and died of cirrhosis of the liver was included in the lists of war victims.

Such a decision will provide not only honors for the deceased, but also financial benefits for his relatives.

According to the lawyer of the 68-year-old deceased, his addiction to alcohol was triggered by his participation in the hostilities in 1973.

– As a driver of a sapper vehicle, he repeatedly came under artillery fire, people were dying before his eyes.

It was this fact, according to the defense, that led to the fact that the man began to consume alcohol immoderately for the purpose of “self-healing”.

Earlier, the Israeli Defense Ministry recognized this man as disabled due to mental disorders caused by post-traumatic syndrome.

During his lifetime, the deceased repeatedly demanded to recognize the cirrhosis of the liver that had developed in him as a result of alcoholism as a direct consequence of the “army mental disability”, but he was refused.

According to the Israeli media, the recent suicide attempt by a veteran of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Yitzhak Saidian influenced the court's decision. The veteran suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and had difficulty getting help from the Department of Defense. A man in front of the office of the IDF Disabled Rehabilitation Directorate attempted suicide. He was taken to the hospital.

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