It became known about the increased risk of developing COVID-19 during a conversation

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It became known about the increased risk of developing COVID-19 during a conversation

During a conversation, just as during breathing, very small particles are released from the mouth of a person (their size does not exceed five micrometers). It turns out that these microscopic droplets contain more viral elements than large particles. Scientists said that those infected with the coronavirus are able to actively spread the infection not only when they cough or sneeze, but also during normal conversation.

It became known about the increased risk of developing COVID-19 during a conversation. Especially when it comes to emotional conversation, in which the speaker does not always consciously raise his voice.

Such conclusions were made by scientists at the National University of Singapore based on the research.

“… small particles formed during breathing, talking, singing, the size of which does not exceed five micrometers, contain even more viral elements than large particles”,

This is confirmed by his colleague Professor Christine Coleman:

“… during the experiments, a number of patients emitted the most dangerous particles during a conversation.”

As scientists suggest, this may be due to the fact that interlocutors often involuntarily raise their voices, which is why a large volume of small particles with a viral load is released.

Paul Tambaya noted that in this case, the distance between the people speaking will help. Scientists also recalled the importance of the mask mode.

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