It became known about the latest aggressive strain of coronavirus

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It became known about the latest aggressive strain of coronavirus

The Indian strain of COVID-19 is the last aggressive mutation of the virus, and in the future the pandemic will decline. This became known from the words of Almaz Sharman, a resident of the Academy of Preventive Medicine, a member of the American Health Association, Interfax reports.

According to the scientist, with the spread of vaccination, the “delta” variant of the coronavirus will lose its infectiousness. He noted that this was the case with the alpha, beta and gamma variants. “There are several variants of viruses, they can be infectious and amenable to vaccines, or they can elude the action of vaccines, but they lose their infectiousness,” the expert concluded.

Sharman called vaccination the only way to defeat the virus. He stressed that against the background of its insufficient pace, COVID-19 may continue to mutate. At the same time, according to the scientist, as the number of vaccinated residents increases, the virus will turn into a common infection. “By gradually increasing the number of vaccinated citizens, we will come to the conclusion that the coronavirus will become endemic,” he said.

On August 18, World Health Organization (WHO) researcher Sumya Swaminathan said vaccination helps prevent severe illness or death when infected with the Indian strain of COVID-19. The organization noted that in regions with a high percentage of infection with the “delta” variant of the coronavirus, the unvaccinated population suffers more.

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