It became known about the mass attack of 20 Turkish Bayraktar on the Russian “Pantsir”

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It became known about the mass attack of 20 Turkish Bayraktar on the Russian

Turkish unmanned aerial vehicles Bayraktar carried out a massive attack on the Russian-made Pantsir-C1 missile-gun complex (ZRPK), which is in service with the Syrian army. This became known to the Soha edition.

According to the newspaper, 20 Turkish attack drones were immediately involved in the attack against the air defense missile system. They fired several dozen missiles at a complex deployed in the Syrian province of Idlib, but they failed to destroy the “Shell”. As noted, one of the ammunition exploded near the ZRPK, as a result of which it received minor damage, which were soon eliminated by the Russian military.

At the same time, the Turkish military expert Enes Kai, quoted by Soha, clarified that in repelling the attack, the Syrians made a number of mistakes. So, he believes, the operators of the Pantsir could have used the complex earlier and destroyed the Turkish drones before they approached the distance from which they were able to launch missiles at Syrian targets.

When exactly the Turkish military carried out an attack on the positions of the Syrian military, it is not specified.

In late February, a report by the NATO Joint Air Power Competence Center (JAPCC) called the Russian “Armor” an ideal weapon against military drones. The document also paid special attention to how Turkey reacted to the elimination of just one active Syrian “Shell” in Idlib as part of its operation “Spring Shield”. Its destruction was an important moment “for achieving the goals of the entire operation.”

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