It became known about the readiness of the Georgian air defense to “bleed” the Russian Aerospace Forces

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It became known about the readiness of the Georgian air defense to

Georgia has entered into an agreement with the Israeli firm “Rafael” to modernize its air defense systems (air defense) and retrain their crews. This reflects the country's efforts to rebuild its defense system, military expert David Ax said in an article for Forbes.

According to the author, the Georgian army was “defeated” by Russian troops during the conflict in South Ossetia. Then in service with the Georgian air defense systems remained, inherited from the USSR, writes Ex. Now they are being replaced by modern Israeli technology.

The author of the material noted that in the event of a conflict between Moscow and Tbilisi, Russian troops will be better prepared for conducting military operations in the air. However, Georgian air defense systems will be able to “bleed” the Russian Aerospace Forces, the military expert said.

The armed conflict in South Ossetia began on the night of August 8, 2008 with the shelling of Tskhinvali by the Georgian army and an attempt to establish control over the republic. At that moment, there were 500 Russian peacekeepers in the conflict zone. The then Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on the same day announced the start of an operation in the republic, after which Russian troops were brought into the region.

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