It became known about the serious advantage of Biden in the states that supported Trump

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It became known about the serious advantage of Biden in the states that supported Trump

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is well ahead of incumbent Donald Trump in three states, whose support in 2016 allowed the Republican to win the fight for the White House. The Democrat's advantage became known thanks to the latest polls, according to the Daily Mail.

Biden is 10 percentage points ahead of Trump in Michigan, eight in Pennsylvania, and nine in Wisconsin, according to polls by the University of Wisconsin and YouGov. As noted in the study, the Democratic candidate was supported by the majority of those who voted early in the elections. The current American leader will be able to receive significant support from those who have not yet cast their vote, however, most likely, he will not be able to win back the gap with his opponent at the expense of it, analysts say.

At the same time, Trump himself believes that he can win the elections at least in Pennsylvania, and even with a greater advantage than it was in 2016. In the near future, he plans to hold three major rallies in this state for his supporters – in Allentown, Lititz and Martinsburg. Prior to that, the head of state had already visited New Hampshire and Maine, hoping to lure at least some of the voters in these states.

Earlier it was reported that Biden, three weeks before the presidential election, stepped up his activities in Ohio, which, according to the results of the 2016 elections, was considered pro-Trump – four years ago, Trump beat his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton there by eight percentage points. The struggle for the state is expected to be much tougher this year, polls show.

According to polls, Biden has only recently increased his lead over Trump. Thus, in mid-October it was reported that the Democrat was 17 percentage points ahead of the Republican: 57 percent of voters intend to vote for Biden, while only 40 percent – for the incumbent president. At the same time, Trump himself claims that he will be able to win the elections, as he did four years ago.

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