It doesn’t look like a balloon: fighters shot down another flying object over the USA



The US military has spotted another flying object in US airspace on the border with Canada. He was shot down with the help of fighter jets.

This was told by Congressman Jack Bergman. The object was landed in the Great Lakes region.

A flying object was shot down over the USA again

Bergman reported on the US Air Force operation in the Great Lakes region.

The US military disabled another “object” over Lake Huron. I appreciate the decisive actions of our fighter pilots. The American people deserve much more answers than we have,” the congresswoman wrote.

Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin also spoke about this. According to her, before shooting down the object, the military carefully watched it for a long time.

“The object was shot down by pilots of the Air Force and the National Guard of the United States. Great job by everyone who performed this mission both in the air and at headquarters. We are all interested in what this object was and what its purpose is,” Slotkin wrote.

The object did not look like a balloon

According to The Wall Street Journal, an F-16 fighter jet shot down an object that had the shape of an octagon. He was at an altitude of more than 6 thousand meters, which was a danger to commercial aircraft.

According to one of the Canadian officials, this happened about 22 kilometers from the US-Canada border.

This is the fourth object shot down in that region in recent days, in particular:

    < li>probably a Chinese spy balloon was destroyed on February 4,
  • Military aircraft also shot down unidentified objects over Alaska on February 11 and over the Canadian Yukon Territory on February 12.

Both of the latter objects American and Canadian officials described as balloons. It is not yet known who launched them and what is the purpose.

“These objects do not look like a balloon and are much smaller. We will not be able to finally qualify them until we find the wreckage. We are working on this now,” the US National Security Council said.

The United States shot down a Chinese balloon

  • The United States shot down a Chinese reconnaissance balloon over its territory. This was not done immediately, because, according to President Joe Biden, they were waiting for the moment. The ball was “landed” off the coast of South Carolina with the help of an F-22 fighter that fired an Aim-9X Sidewinder missile. The so-called spy exploded and the contents of the balloon fell.
  • This provoked tension between Washington and Beijing, in particular, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken postponed his visit to China indefinitely.
  • At the same time At the time, Beijing expressed outrage at the actions of the United States. The Chinese Foreign Ministry assured that the airship is intended for civilian use. It is said that the Americans were warned about its use, but the bullet hit the United States due to “force majeure”.

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