IT expert explained what to do after the loss or theft of a smartphone

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IT expert explained what to do after the loss or theft of a smartphone

Before using your smartphone, you must activate the Find My Phone function on it. This will help locate a stolen or lost phone. This was announced on Sunday, July 25, by information security expert Alexei Lukatsky.

According to the expert, using this mode, you can block your smartphone remotely, turning it into a “brick”.

– A thief or a person who found it and did not turn it over to the police or to the owner will not be able to use your phone. After losing your smartphone, you need to change all passwords on the services that the owner used. First of all, you need to change the password for e-mail and services that are associated with credit institutions, as well as services that provide backup information. For example, in iСloud or Google service, – said Alexey Lukatsky in an interview with RT.

The IT expert explained that this is necessary to prevent the criminals from unlocking the phone and gaining access to all the data stored in various external services, including the owner's social networks.

As the site wrote, earlier experts warned the Russians that some applications on a smartphone can receive user data in the background and use it for monetization.

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