It hurts Russia will begin to become summer – Fursa


Russia will start to hurt in summer, &ndash ; Fursa

Fursa about the Russian economy/Channel 24 collage that the structural transformation of the Russian economy will begin at the end of the second and beginning of the third quarter. Then the economy will stop living on reserves, because they will run out.

This was stated by investment banker Sergey Fursa for Channel 24. He noted that transformation means the collapse of the economy.

“It will be structurally transformed into an isolated economy, so it will start painfully somewhere in the summer. But if you watch it from the outside, the economic crisis is a very slow process, but inevitable. A deep economic crisis will begin in the summer,” Fursa believes.

< h2 class="news-subtitle cke-markup" dir="ltr"> Even More Pressure on the Infidel Economy

According to the investment banker, Russians will feel the crisis even more in autumn and winter. He said that all Nabiullina's forecasts were without the oil embargo, and now the world will add even more pressure on the Russian economy.

“Even a six-month oil embargo will take effect immediately, because businesses will immediately start looking for alternative sources to replenish oil reserves. However, the military machine is indifferent to this. This will affect the economy, and because of it, the military machine,” Fursa explained.

Dollars are still coming in

The banker noted that Russia's income from oil and gas is more than $200 billion annually. This is what now allows us to maintain a facade of stability thanks to the still incoming dollars.

When they stop flowing into the Russian economy, the budget will not have the means to keep even a conditional the stability they are now playing,” Fursa stressed.

Pay attention to what awaits the Russian economy: watch the video

Sanctions against Russia: latest news

  • EU Foreign Policy Representative Josep Borrell said that the EU has almost reached an agreement on an embargo for Russia.
  • Assets of Russians abroad are planned not just to be frozen. The head of the European Council, Charles Michel, believes that they should be confiscated and handed over to restore Ukraine.
  • The UK has imposed new sanctions against infidels. In particular, they banned the use of British management consulting, accounting and PR services. In addition, the sanctions will affect a number of Russian businessmen and officials.

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