It is desirable to die in a healthy state: in Perm, summonses are sent along with a referral for tests


It is desirable to die in a healthy state: in Perm, summonses are sent along with a referral for tests

In Russia, talk about the beginning of the second wave of mobilization does not stop, although there has not yet been an order to stop the first. At the same time, it is interesting that in Perm, in the West of the enemy state, summonses began to be distributed already along with a referral for analysis.

Obviously, Putin does not have enough “cannon fodder”, so he may in the near future recruit more military men into the ranks of his terrorist army. In particular, Channel 24, citing Russian media, reports that in Perm, summonses are distributed along with referrals for medical tests.

Covert mobilization continues

According to sources, the subpoenas are already being handed out, literally throwing them into mailboxes. Plus, on a regular basis.

In the photo below you can see one of these agendas, which was sent by the military registration and enlistment office of the Kirovsky district.

The Russian agenda, which went as an annex to the analyzes / Photo from telegram channels

On the document you can see the date of appearance at the military registration and enlistment office – April 5 – and a list of procedures that must be passed before that, in particular:

  • blood and urine analysis;
  • electrocardiogram;
  • fluorography;
  • pneumonia vaccines.

Referral to a therapist who came with the agenda / Photo from telegram channels

Note! The so-called “partial mobilization” began in Russia as early as September 21, 2022, apparently due to the fact that the enemy army began to fail on the battlefield. A month later, the Kremlin announced its completion, but there was no corresponding order from the President of Russia.

Officials in Moscow explained this by saying that no official document was needed, in fact urging them to take their word for it.

Russian mobiles and contractors are not paid anything

In the end, we can only remember that being a soldier of the “second army of the world”: whether as a mobilized one, or as a contract soldier, is such a pleasure. You have to risk your life for the illusory plans of the Russian dictator and at the same time not receive a penny from the state.

Actually, since the beginning of March 2023, payments have been delayed or not counted at all in 52 regions of Russia for various categories of military personnel. The media wrote about it.

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