It is easier for Putin to give Kursk or Bryansk than Crimea: will Russia use nuclear weapons


It is easier for Putin to give Kursk or Bryansk than Crimea: will Russia use nuclear weapons

Dmitry Medvedev threatened to use nuclear weapons if the Armed Forces of Ukraine begin to return the Crimea. The hysteria in Moscow only testifies to the fact that the peninsula is of great importance to Vladimir Putin.

This opinion was expressed to Channel 24 by political strategist, reputation management expert Boris Tizenhausen. According to him, panic is now growing in Crimea, the invaders are actively fleeing the peninsula.

The mood of Russians in Crimea is by no means victorious

Representatives of the occupation authorities and collaborators are massively selling real estate and taking their families out of Crimea.

They are well aware that there may come a time when there will be no way to escape. If the Armed Forces of Ukraine come to Crimea and are ready to de-occupy it, and if something happens to the Crimean bridge, then they will only have to run by sea,” Tizenhausen said.

He added that the mood on the peninsula is, to put it mildly, invincible. And strikes on Dzhanka, Sevastopol and other objects in the Crimea do not contribute to raising morale among Russians.

Stream of Irina Uzlova and Boris Tizenhausen: watch the full video

Significance of Crimea for Putin

While the occupiers are fleeing the peninsula, panic is also growing in the Kremlin. Indeed, according to the political strategist, the occupied Crimea is of great importance for the Russian dictator.

Crimea is much more important for Putin than the Bryansk or Kursk regions. If such a question arises – to give up Bryansk or Crimea, then Putin will give up the Bryansk region, – Tizengauzen said.

Realizing the possibility of losing the Crimea, Moscow received its “trump card” – nuclear threats. Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia Dmitry Medvedev was released onto the stage, who said that Ukraine's attempt to recapture Crimea would be the basis for Russia to use nuclear weapons.

“I used to think that Putin could take such a step if the Armed Forces of Ukraine came to Crimea. But now I don’t think so,” the political strategist said.

Can Russia use nuclear weapons through Crimea

According to him, the Russians had a precedent when they could use their “nuclear triad”, that is, troops equipped with nuclear weapons. We are talking about Kherson, which the Kremlin criminally entered into its “constitution” and called the Russian land.

But when the Russians fled from Kherson, no one used nuclear weapons. The number of threats of nuclear weapons is directly proportional to the inability to use it, – said Tizenhausen.

He added that in the issue of nuclear weapons for Russia there is another powerful safeguard – China.

“Chinese leader Xi Jinping has already said twice that the use of nuclear weapons is unacceptable. He actually wrote this into his “peace plan,” the political strategist emphasized.

Tizenhausen noted that two categories usually resort to nuclear threats in Russia – Medvedev and Russian propagandists. And at a more or less official level, no one allows himself this. Consequently, the occupiers' nuclear threats are worthless.

What is happening in Crimea: briefly

  • On the territory of the occupied Crimean peninsula once again visited “cotton”. Explosions were heard in the area of Omega Bay on the evening of March 24.
  • On March 24, the invaders also reported another explosion in Sevastopol. The occupation administration stated that the explosions were allegedly connected with the preventive work of the Russian military.
  • And on March 20 “cotton” visited Dzhankoy. The Main Intelligence Directorate reported that the explosions in Dzhankoy destroyed Russian Caliber NK missiles.

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