It is important for China to keep Russia as an ally, – Poita explained why


It is important for China to keep Russia as an ally, – Poita explained why

It is important for China to keep Russia as an ally – expert/Channel 24 Collage

Western countries are much more important to China economically than Russia. However, Beijing is not just turning a blind eye to the Kremlin's war crimes in Ukraine. After all, they also want to keep Russia as an ally.

Yury Poita, head of the Asia-Pacific region section at the Center for Army Research, Conversion and Disarmament, told Channel 24 about this. According to him, China's policy of Russia's war against Ukraine is often called pro-Russian neutral. The Kremlin uses a similar term – “Russia-friendly neutrality.” Such an attitude is quite acceptable for Moscow.

On the one hand, China recognizes the territorial integrity of Ukraine and proclaims that peace must be achieved. On the other hand, it condemns sanctions against Russia, builds up trade relations and actively interacts with Russia. For example, they are already negotiating a significant increase in trade between the two countries.

Russia is not as interesting for China economically as it is politically

According to Yuri Poita, China is trying to balance between the two worlds. They cannot refuse the US and the EU, because there is a corresponding market. But they don't want Russia either. The Kremlin is important to them geopolitically.

China's position remains at the level of balancing. They are trying not to worsen relations with the US and the EU, because they need a market that is much larger than Russia's. But they also maintain relations with the Kremlin,” Yury Poita notes.

He added that it is important for China to preserve Russia as a political, diplomatic, and media ally in competition with Western countries. That is why the positions of both states always coincide on global international platforms such as the UN or the UN Security Council, etc.

Recall that earlier the representative of the US State Department, Ned Price, stressed that China does not at all demonstrate neutrality in the situation with Russia's war against Ukraine. According to him, Beijing has long chosen the side of Russia. They do not respond to the atrocities of the occupiers, but also broadcast and distribute Russian propaganda narratives.

In addition, Chinese leader Xi Jinping, in a conversation with Putin, assured that China will support Russia on the issue of security and sovereignty.

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