It is indicative for Putin, – the political scientist explained Lukashenko's words about the “non-aggression pact” with Ukraine


Indicative of Putin, – the political scientist explained Lukashenka's words about the

Alexander Lukashenko allegedly stated that Kyiv offered Minsk to conclude a “non-aggression pact”. This may be a message for Vladimir Putin that Belarus will not officially enter the war against Ukraine.

Now Lukashenka is one step away from either physical destruction or participation in a full-fledged large-scale war against Ukraine . The second one he absolutely does not want to do. Political scientist Valery Klochok told Channel 24 about this.

What does Lukashenka's statement mean

In addition, during the last meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, Lukashenka issued an interesting statement. The self-proclaimed Belarusian leader said that everything is fine and Ukraine is not provoking Belarus.

Now, after some time, there is a statement that Ukraine allegedly proposed a “non-aggression pact”. This is also a signal for Putin that he (Lukashenko – Channel 24) is not going to fight, – the political scientist noted.

Lukashenka continues to help Russia wage a cynical war against our state. At the same time, he will delay official participation in the war as long as he can.

Klochok explained Lukashenka's words about the “non-aggression pact” with Ukraine: watch the video

The self-proclaimed president of Belarus will certainly bear responsibility for helping Russia in the war, but so far he is trying to save himself, at least physically. Although now it is becoming increasingly difficult for him to do.

“This statement is aimed at showing Putin that Lukashenka can agree on something with Ukraine,” the political scientist summed up.

Vladimir Zelensky reacted to the statement Lukashenko

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, during a joint briefing with Finnish President Sauli Niinistö on January 24, stressed that Ukraine's position is open and everyone knows about it anyway. Ukraine, without any pacts, is not going and never was going to attack Belarus.

Thus, journalists asked President Zelensky whether Ukraine really proposes to conclude such an agreement. The head of state replied that what Ukraine offers is on official platforms. At the same time, the Ukrainian side has repeatedly said that it has no intentions to attack Belarus.

Everything that Ukraine officially proposes, you all hear it. I can confirm once again that we are not going to attack Belarus and never did. There are no such intentions,” Zelensky said.

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