It is more difficult to attack in winter, – a military observer suggested how the invaders will fight in cold weather


It's harder to attack in winter, – a military observer suggested how the occupiers will fight in cold weather

Bochkala about whether the Russians will advance in winter/Collage of 24 channels

The Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense believes that the war in Ukraine is unlikely to end this year. The fighting may continue in the winter.


About this Channel 24said military observer Roman Bochkala. Experts believe that weather conditions can have a significant impact on hostilities.

How winter will affect infidels

According to Bochkala, there have been cases where Russia took advantage of winter to gain an advantage on the battlefield. In particular, we are talking about the war with Napoleon in 1812 and the Second World War.

It is more difficult to advance in winter, – the military observer suggested how the occupiers will fight in cold weather

Roman Bochkala

Military observer

Winter changed the focus of the war and held back the offensive actions of the enemy. But now there is one difference. Then Russia defended itself as part of the USSR or even under the Russian empire. And now Russia wants to attack. It is more difficult to advance in winter. And it will be more difficult for the Russians than for us.

The journalist noted that the war in the cold season will be very difficult. However, in his opinion, the Russians will not dare to attack in winter.

The threat from the Russians

The military observer believes that the Russian invaders will create other problems for Ukrainians.

They will close the tap somewhere, turn off the gas or something like that. I am sure that they are not afraid to destroy Ukrainian thermal power plants,” he stressed.

Bochkala added that the Russians will try to leave people without heating and aggravate the situation in Ukraine as much as possible, not only in the military, but also in the social sense.

Roman Bochkala spoke about the tactics of infidels: watch the video

Ukraine is getting ready for winter

  • Prime Minister Denis Shmihal informed that the heating season 2022-2023 in Ukraine will be difficult. Therefore, the government is preparing for different scenarios and has created an appropriate headquarters. According to him, Ukraine is accumulating gas, coal and preparing infrastructure.
  • The government also announced a mandatory evacuation from the Donetsk region, since there is a big risk that there will be no gas and heat.
  • In the Zaporizhia region, people are already being urged to think about the insulation of their homes. People living in private homes are advised by the authorities to stock up on firewood and fuel briquettes whenever possible.

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