It is necessary that Lavrov said that the Russians were lied to, the political scientist suggested when this could happen


Lavrov should say that the Russians were lied to, – the political scientist suggested when this might happen

Ordinary Russians are experiencing the consequences of Russian aggression in Ukraine. However, Putin has fooled their brains so much that the majority of the Russian population cannot even connect the obvious facts in their heads.

This is the opinion of Channel 24said the political and economic expert Valery Klochok. According to him, for example, the Russians are sincerely indignant that they are not allowed into the EU.

At the same time, they are so zombified by the Kremlin propaganda that they cannot understand that such steps by the European Union are a reaction that Russia unleashed a war in Ukraine.

As Klochok noted, it may take many years for the Russians to wake up and realize that they live in a distorted reality.

It would be easier if the speakers who are trusted in Russia – for example, the same Lavrov – came out and said that the Russians have been lied to for many years, the political scientist noted.

The Kremlin lies to Russians about the situation in Kherson

According to him, the country's leadership continues to lie to Russians about the war in Ukraine. In particular, the Kremlin tells fables about the lack of offensive actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the South of Ukraine, because it does not know how to explain its defeats.

What is happening today is completely new in the conduct of war. Russians don’t know how, they don’t know how to fight like that. It doesn’t fit in my head that they can be destroyed without the presence of enemy manpower,” Klochok said.

He stressed that today the Armed Forces of Ukraine are pushing the occupiers to a “goodwill gesture” in the Kherson region.


“It's no coincidence that the stremouses are already somewhere in a hotel in Voronezh, and not in Kherson. The same will happen with the rest, even at the Lavrov level,” the political expert noted.

Back to news According to him, this is exactly what happened in the Soviet Union, when one leader of the Communist Party replaced another.

Yesterday he said one thing, and today another. And everyone believed him. After all, the majority of Russians are like blind calves – wherever they are taken, they go there, – the political scientist emphasized.

The political expert added that the path's subordinates confess their lies to save their own lives.

“I have no doubt that this will happen. It will happen in front of the threat of real death. And Today, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are doing everything in their power to bring this moment closer,” Klochok said.

Valery Klochok spoke about the reaction of Russians to the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: watch the video

The situation in Russia in a nutshell

  • British intelligence reports that Russian Defense Minister Sergei Sheiga was removed from leadership due to ignominious defeats in the war in Ukraine .
  • In addition, 6 generals of the Russian army were fired because of the failures in Ukraine.
  • From February 24, Western companies began to leave the Russian market en masse. This has led to considerable prosperity of scammers in the aggressor country, who, on behalf of well-known foreign brands, deceive their own compatriots for crazy amounts.

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