It is necessary to create a Town Planning Code, – Oksana Prodan on finalizing law 5655


It is necessary to create a Town Planning Code, - Oksana Prodan on finalizing law 5655

After the President vetoed Law No. 5655, the urban planning reform should be finalized with the involvement of domestic and international experts, as well as the public.

In addition, all laws governing the market should be consolidated into the Town Planning Code, as provided for by international practice and Ukraine's obligations. This was stated by Oksana Prodan, adviser to the head of the Association of Cities of Ukraine, People's Deputy of Ukraine of the VII and VIII convocations, head of the All-Ukrainian Association of Small and Medium Business “Fortetsya”.

“Already now everyone is preparing to create a new Ukraine of prosperity. This requires a transparent and efficient urban planning system. Such a system could have been created by bill No. 5655, but it is not working, its implementation will stop the restoration of Ukraine. The entire society opposed No. 5655 by signing a petition to veto to the president. The only solution that will stop the confrontation in society, maintain the support of international partners and continue the reform of decentralization is a veto on bill No. 5655. And then – joint work. After the veto, it will be possible to prepare the Urban Planning Code, legitimized by society, which everyone will be ready to comply with” – said Oksana Prodan.

According to her, the following should work together to finalize the urban planning reform:

  • people's deputies of Ukraine,
  • representatives of local government,
  • officials from relevant ministries,
  • professional community of architects, designers, builders and engineers.

It is also necessary to involve international organizations that already have a well-established concept set out in the collection “White Paper: Proposals for Legislative and Administrative-Legal Reforming of the Urban Development Sphere in Ukraine”.

What should be the Urban Planning Code: the opinion of Oksana Prodan

In addition, all town planning laws should be combined into a single code, emphasized Prodan.

“Urban planning activities are currently regulated by 43 laws of Ukraine, of which 7 relate exclusively to urban planning. At the same time, in 5655 these laws remain separate documents that editorially do not even coincide with each other in some provisions. It would be more logical and more efficient to veto the project and finalize it in parliament and combine all related documents into the Urban Planning Code, as provided for by the international framework accepted by Ukraine,” the adviser to the head of the PSA said.

Prodan believes that the Town Planning Code:

  • can solve the problem of inconsistency between land and building legislation,
  • ensure consistent and unified regulation of the urban planning industry,
  • create legal conditions for planning integrated community development.

Separate blocks of the code should regulate the problems of interaction between central and municipal authorities and the private sector, as well as public involvement in the urban planning process, starting from the early stages of planning.

She also notes that in the preparation of a high-quality urban planning reform, the provisions of international agreements in the field of urban planning should be taken into account. In particular, the Leipzig Charter of a Sustainable European City, the European Charter of Local Self-Government, the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and others.

What's Wrong With Bill 5655

Since December 19, bill No. 5655 has been signed by the president. A petition demanding a veto on this bill in less than a day gained the necessary 25,000 votes, and a total of 42,090 people signed it.

An appeal to the president on vetoing the “urban reform” in its current form was signed by hundreds of deputies from 38 local councils in most regions of Ukraine. Similarly, the appeal to the president was signed by public organizations and representatives of the leading media. Including:

  • “Honestly” movement
  • “Anti-Corruption Center”,
  • Association of cities of Ukraine,
  • Inna Vedernikova, editor of the politics department of Zerkala Nedeli,
  • Yuri Nikolov, editor of the Our Money website,
  • editor-in-chief of “Glavkom” Nikolai Podvezyany and others.

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