It is not ruled out that there will be planes, – Come Back Alive Foundation on permission to purchase weapons


It is possible that there will be planes, –

Rymaruk about the “Come back alive” fund/Channel 24 collage

Come Back Alive Charitable Foundation was the first in Ukraine to receive the official right to buy military goods from abroad. Now he can work directly with manufacturers and it is quite possible that he will even buy planes or helicopters.

Andrey Rymaruk, head of the military department of the Come Back Alive charity foundation, told Channel 24 about this. He confirmed that the fund can currently buy dual-use military goods.

The head of the military department explained that this authorization allows the fund to communicate directly with manufacturers without intermediaries or other people who take what -or a percentage for their work.

Therefore, first of all, the fund will save money and buy goods as cheaply as possible. In addition, manufacturers have a guarantee of quality.

We do not rule out that we will switch to military precision weapons, in particular, the purchase of lethal weapons. We do not rule out that it will even be aircraft,” Rymaruk said.

How cheaper will it be to purchase weapons? He stressed that it depends on positions, products and countries.

“It will be cheaper by 5-30%. Even if it will save about 300 thousand hryvnias, this money will be needed, because it is not easy to collect them,” Rymaruk replied.

How the fund provides the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The head of the military department emphasized that the Come Back Alive fund is now concentrating on large-scale projects:

  • First of all, these are small unmanned aerial vehicles, during the 4 months of the war the fund acquired more than 3.5 thousand of them, which is 70-80% of all quadrocopters that are now used in hostilities.
  • At the same time, the fund provides snipers with the necessary technical equipment, in addition to weapons and ammunition, as this is provided by the state.
  • Our third large-scale project, the fund, has closed the request for military units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which are now fighting in Motorola-type communications equipment. The cost of one of these is from 700 to 1200 dollars, they were purchased about 3.5 thousand.
  • Also, the fund is now switching to providing the Armed Forces of Ukraine with unmanned systems and at the end of June will transfer 10 Aist-100 systems, then we will transfer 15 more.

How funds cooperate with each other and with the Ministry of Defense

Rymaruk said that any need has its own processes and coordination . For example, they consult with other foundations on the subject of UAVs so as not to duplicate requests.

Of course, if we contract something, we communicate with high military command, including with representatives of the Ministry of Defense, in order to know what the state is capable of and what the fund is capable of,” the expert said.

“It's just that the state has more bureaucratic procedures, and we can buy faster. Therefore, cooperation and communication takes place 24/7,” he added.

Andriy Rymaruk about the work of the Come Back Alive Foundation:< /p> Important! The war continues, so the Ukrainians need to support our army, which bravely defends its native land from Russian invaders. You can help the defenders of Ukraine through the “Come back alive” fund at the link.

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