It is possible to hire foreign pilots for F-16 when we get planes – Musienko


It is possible to hire foreign pilots for F-16 when we get planes - Musienko

The Ukrainian military-political leadership declares the need to create an aviation coalition for Ukraine. First of all, we are talking about the transfer of F-16 fighters, which could effectively protect the Ukrainian sky.

The Ukrainian command could use the services of hired American pilots if Western fighters were sent to Ukraine. Alexander Musienko, head of the Center for Military Legal Research, told Channel 24 about this.

Recently, one of the most famous pilots in the world, Dan Hampton, suggested that Ukraine hire American pilots who could protect the Ukrainian skies.

Musienko called such a scenario realistic, provided that Ukraine receives F-16 aircraft. He recalled that Ukraine, in particular, is protected by the international legion. These are foreign fighters who give their voluntary consent, sign a contract and fight as part of the Ukrainian army.

The initiative is realistic

If we are talking about foreign pilots, then in our international legion the appearance of a squadron next to other troops is quite realistic, the expert said.

There are all mechanisms for how this can be done in compliance with the norms of international law and Ukrainian legislation,” Musienko emphasized.

He is convinced that the pilots can agree to such an initiative. However, the question is, if Ukraine hires a private military company like Academi, do they have aircraft in service.

Therefore, Ukraine primarily needs aircraft, and in relation to pilots, Musienko considers this type of hiring a good idea.

Important! The Ukrainian military-political leadership tells the allies about the need to transfer Western F-16 fighters to defeat the enemy. The F-16 has much more powerful capabilities than the Su and MiG type aircraft and could improve the defense capability of the Ukrainian aviation in an unprecedented way.

American F-16 pilot initiative: more

  • Dan Hampton is a retired lieutenant colonel with the callsign Two Dogs. He is called the “most lethal” F-16 pilot. He has flown 151 sorties and is the most decorated fighter pilot since the Vietnam War.
  • Hampton believes that partners will transfer F-16 aircraft to Ukraine. And then you need to find people who have thousands of hours of flying on these fighters. He believes that there are enough such pilots who would agree to come to help Ukraine. Hampton himself said that he was ready to go for it if the governments agree on everything.
  • Military expert Petr Chernik, people like Dan Hampton are simply invaluable. After all, in order to form the basic skills of flying the F-16, it takes about 6 months. And pilots like Dan already know how to do it and have tremendous experience.

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