It is the cruiser “Moskva” that is depicted on the postage stamp “Russian warship”


It is the cruiser Moskva that is depicted on the postage stamp

The cruiser “Moskva” is drawn on a postage stamp/Ukrposhta

Only on April 12, Ukrposhta introduced the stamp ” Russian ship go to ** d”. And already on April 13, the Russian cruiser Moskva caught fire.

At first glance, it seems that these two news are not related. But this is not so – and here's why.

The new postage stamp about the “Russian warship” depicts the cruiser “Moskva” – tail number 121, which attacked the Ukrainian defenders of Zmeiny Island on February 24.

Such an interesting coincidence was immediately noted in social networks after a message about a fire on a Russian cruiser appeared.

The Moskva is on fire: latest news

  • Adviser to the Office of the President Aleksey Arestovich confirmed that the Russian cruiser Moskva is on fire.
  • About 510 crew members are on board.
  • It is still being clarified how the fire started on the cruiser.

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