It looks like the enemy has a lot of ammunition in Irpin, – the head of Kyiv's territorial defense


Looks like the enemy still has a lot of ammunition in Irpin, – head of Kyiv's territorial defense

Ukrainian Armed Forces repulse the enemy/The Ukrainians

The Armed Forces of Ukraine are actively and confidently pushing the enemy back from the Kiev region. However, the situation in Irpen is complicated, the enemy most likely still has enough ammunition there.

The commander of the Kyiv Terodefense Battalion Petr Kuzik said this on Channel 24. He noted that the fortified areas of the enemy were being destroyed along the left bank of the Dnieper.

“Up to a dozen pieces of equipment were destroyed there, 40 invaders also moved into the category of” fertilizer for the Ukrainian black soil, “Kuzyk emphasized.

< h2 class="news-subtitle cke-markup">The situation in Irpin

The head of the Kyiv Terodefense called the fighting in Irpin a “serious cannonade”.

There the enemy is shooting back furiously, he is also being crushed. Apparently, the enemy still has a lot of ammunition, because the positions of our military were bombarded with mines and hail,” Kuzik noted.

Fortunately, the night passed without losses, the AFU recaptured 2 attacks.

Fighting also continues in Bucha and Gostomel

All units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces are working in these settlements.

“Step by step, difficult, but the enemy push back. There is a very serious accumulation in these areas. Obviously, there is some kind of command center. I suspect that our command knows where he is,” said Kuzyk. p>

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