It only means that they have a storm, – military expert on the removal of Shoigu


It just means they're having a storm, – military expert on Shoigu's removal

Probably, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu was removed from the leadership of the “special operation” in Ukraine. This information was published by British intelligence.

However, the question arises – who replaced him? We do not see talented alternative personnel in Russia. Military expert Yigal Levin said this to Channel 24.

This only says that they have a storm in the Kremlin, and they are trying to shuffle the log kart. But what if all the cards are bad?, he says.

The military expert stressed: “super talented officers who were not allowed to command” are not observed in Russia.

There will be no global influence on the war

According to Levin, such upheavals will not have a fundamental impact on the war in Ukraine. The dismissal of Shoig does not mean that radicals who criticize the Kremlin for lack of decisiveness at the front will come into play. We are talking about characters like Gorkin. However, it is too low level.

“Girkin, Kvachkov and others – all these imperial hawks are shadowy. Yes, Gorkin speaks publicly, but this is still a rather specific limited audience, he is not trying to speak at a national level for more than 100 million people in Russia,” he said.< /p>

In fact, there are many questions about who and for what purpose really “crushes” the bitter. “Obviously, from the FSB, otherwise they would have shut his mouth a long time ago. But for what purposes, what role does he play, how influential is he,” the military expert noted.

Even if Shoigu was really moved, no there are no signs yet that these people will be promoted somewhere.

There is no infrastructure for mobilization in Russia

You need to understand that if Gorky is appointed, his dream of mobilization and total war will all still remains unfulfilled. The fact is that Russia does not have the appropriate infrastructure and commanders. “This is the foundation,” Levin summed up.

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