It seems to be from a horror movie: on the beach, a furious Russian woman bit off a piece of a British woman's finger – photo 18+


It looks like from a horror movie: a furious Russian woman bit off a piece of a British woman's finger on the beach - photo 18+

In Thailand, a Russian woman attacked a British citizen. The British woman politely turned to the woman, and she seemed to go crazy in response – she bit off her finger.

Former Polish athlete Monika Sozanskaya and her friend were relaxing on the beach in Thailand. The women were looking for a free place and noticed it with one couple.

The Russian woman got angry that someone wants to relax near them

Then Sozanskaya's friend politely I asked if there was a seat next to me. The Russian woman reacted inadequately. She did not want her friends to rest with them, but the waiter of the club beach tried to resolve the situation.

A resident of the aggressor state still did not calm down. She attacked Monica's friend, a British citizen. A Russian woman bit off part of a woman's finger. Moreover, not only the British got it. The Russian woman also beat her dog.

As if from a horror movie

The picture took on even more terrible turns – the Russian woman spat out the bitten phalanx and smiled. Polka notes that it was like in a horror movie.

Bitten off finger/Photo by

The Russians managed to escape. The couple took the next plane to Malaysia. A British citizen was hospitalized, doctors are trying to save her finger. They hope to avoid amputation with a special “wrap” procedure.

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