It turned out to be too much money: Prytula remembered how the collection “For revenge” arose


There was too much money: Prytula remembered how the

In October, Ukrainians actively responded to the Revenge gathering. In the course of this project, Ukrainians can count on many good news.

The founder of the Serhiy Prytula Charitable Foundation, volunteer Serhiy Prytula spoke about this on Channel 24. In addition, Prytula was also intrigued by the news of the fundraiser for Spartan.

How the fundraiser “For Revenge” appeared

Prytula noted that he once said with Sergey Sternenko, they say, an offer for kamikaze drones appeared on the Ukrainian market. We talked about them back in the spring, then somehow this topic was not developed. Shaheeds began to launch into Ukraine.

Have you started running around, looking for how to answer us? But nothing! There is no such nomenclature and never was. At the end of August – September, the partners with whom we contracted reconnaissance drones offered to take a closer look at their new development – kamikaze drones, – said the founder of the Serhiy Prytula Charitable Foundation.

He added that they went to the training ground to see these drones in action. We realized that the most expensive is the communication system – it is 70% of the cost. Ordered 50 aircraft and 3 ground control stations. This required 100 million hryvnia. It was decided to organize the collection of these funds on October 12-14 on the Day of the Defender of Ukraine.

“However, on October 10, we woke up from the fact that Ukraine was covered with a terrible massive missile attack. People were in bomb shelters, people had enough rage, and people wanted revenge. They wrote about it on the net, and we realized that this rage must be channeled in order for it to have the right effect,” the volunteer emphasized.

Prytula recalled how the “For Revenge” fundraiser came about: watch the video

How much money was collected

According to him, people in total dumped 352 million hryvnia. And then the dilemma arose, where to spend this money effectively. The manufacturer said that he could not promise to have time to produce more drones. In general, there will now be UAVs of different ranges: for 30 kilometers, and for 200 kilometers, and for 650 – 800 kilometers.

We did not want to buy a pig in a poke, because we are still responsible for the use of human money. I want the efficiency to be as high as possible. Maybe I’ve already said too much, but I want people to be calm about using money, because we all have one big goal – to make them “cotton” and so that they climb to the demonic mother, Prytula emphasized.

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  • Volunteer Sergey Prytula admitted that he often does not hold back his emotions when children come to his fund. He told what they ask for when they give funds to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
  • Although Serhiy Prytula is the most famous volunteer in the country, he received a lot of criticism for buying a national satellite and a hatred because of the price of “Spartans “. The ex-host responded to these allegations.

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