It will be difficult until the Armed Forces of Ukraine go on a counteroffensive, – the military about the situation near Bakhmut


It will be difficult until the Armed Forces go on a counteroffensive, – military about the situation near Bakhmut

The Russian occupiers do not stop trying to attack on certain sectors of the front. In particular, the enemy is trying to storm the Ukrainian positions in the Bakhmut direction.

ThisChannel 24 was told by the military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Igor Shvaika. According to him, difficult battles continue in the Bakhmut area.

Ukrainian defenders hold back enemy forces, but the overall situation remains difficult.

“It will be difficult as long as the Ukrainian troops do not launch a counteroffensive and drive the invaders out of Ukrainian soil,” the Ukrainian military stressed.

“The Russians are climbing, like cockroaches”

According to him, Russian troops suffer heavy losses near Bakhmut.

Occupiers “sow” the fields with their troupes. They often do not take the bodies of the dead at all,” Schweika noted.

Despite heavy losses, the Russian invaders continue to try to go on the offensive.

“I don't know what they are fed or what pills they give. But they really climb like cockroaches on Ukrainian soil,” the military man said.

“If it doesn't break, it crawls further”

Often, Russian invaders go ahead of Ukrainian positions, without significant support from military equipment. According to Schweika, this is a typical pattern of Russian offensive and defensive combat.

  • Some are trying to climb onto Ukrainian positions with artillery or mortar support.
  • The rest are trying to hold their positions.

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    As the military noted, there are contact battles and shelling from both sides.

    But lately we have been seeing a picture when a shell exploded, and it (the enemy – Channel 24) was not torn apart , then he crawls further, – said Schweika.

    He added that among the Russian forces that are trying to go on the offensive in eastern Ukraine, there are many former prisoners who were recruited by the owner of Wagner PMC Yevgeny Prigozhin. The military officer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine noted that among the invaders there were people from Astrakhan, Kazan and even more remote regions of Russia. The Armed Forces of Ukraine noted that all heavy and armored vehicles, as well as artillery from the West, of course, are important on the battlefield. But the most important thing in deterring the enemy is Ukrainian infantry soldiers.

    Don't overestimate the importance of Leopard tanks. If there is no Ukrainian soldier, then all these tanks are just a beautiful picture,” Shvaika emphasized.

    He added that the Ukrainian military in the Bakhmut region has 2 main tasks.

    • The first is not to leave their positions.
    • The second important task is to push back at least 20-100 meters the enemy, take the position of the Russians and make it their own.

    Shvaika noted that the fighting in the Bakhmut region will proceed in the same way until the Ukrainian defenders launch a large-scale counteroffensive. And this requires great strength.

    Many cities in the Donbas no longer exist

    According to the military Armed Forces of Ukraine, the reason for Russia's war against Ukraine is not limited to the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin or other representatives of the military command of the aggressor country.

    “The point is the Russians themselves. They cannot live without seizing foreign territories and destroying everything they touch,” Shvaika said.

    He stressed that such cities as Soledar and Bakhmut no longer actually exist. Things are even worse in the smallest settlements in the Donbass. They are already practically uninhabitable.

    There is a place on the map where this or that settlement used to be – that's all. After our victory, everything will need to be rebuilt from scratch, – said the military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

    He added that this is a very expressive sign of the “Russian world” that has come to Ukraine.

    The situation at the front: in brief

    • The Ukrainian Defense Forces are holding back the offensive of the occupiers in 4 directions. The hottest situation is in the Donbass, where fierce battles are taking place.
    • The invaders are trying to attack in the Limansky, Avdeevsky and Zaporozhye directions. However, the enemy has no success there.
    • In addition, the Russians continue offensive operations in the Bakhmut direction. In other directions, the invaders are on the defensive.
    • Russia throws new forces into battle and continues to suffer insane losses in the war against Ukraine. Over the past 24 hours alone, the Ukrainian Defense Forces have destroyed another 720 Russian invaders.

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