It will be very difficult for the enemy, – a military expert said why the Russians stepped up their attack on Avdiivka


It will be very difficult for the enemy, - a military expert said why the Russians stepped up their attack on Avdiivka

Russian occupiers have become more active in the Avdiivka area in the Donbass. The invaders are trying to probe a weak spot in our defenses in order to direct their forces there.

The Russian military tried to implement such a plan near Bakhmut, but so far they have not been able to surround the city. This was told to Channel 24 by a military expert, a veteran of the Russian-Ukrainian war and a major in the reserve of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Aleksey Getman.

Why did the Russians become more active near Avdiivka

In the Bakhmut area, the fighting did not stop, but their intensity decreased. Therefore, the Russians decided to use force to surround Avdiivka. The occupying army is trying to bypass the city from the north.

So far they have not succeeded, but there are really fierce battles going on there. Of course, it is difficult for the Armed Forces of Ukraine to keep a large number of invaders who do not spare people, – said the Major of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

On the other hand, many fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have been fighting in this region since 2014. Therefore, they know the terrain well and can even predict where the enemy might try to advance.

The further development of events in the Avdeevka area also depends on what forces and means the Russians will try to use. According to Hetman, if the invaders significantly increase pressure on the Armed Forces of Ukraine and throw a large amount of manpower and equipment there, then there is a possibility that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will have to retreat to more prepared lines.

However, this is an absolutely normal situation during active defense.

Hetman about the situation in Avdiivka: watch the video

The city is held by titans with 9 years of experience

Moreover, taking into account 9 years of combat experience, the Avdeevka garrison is more fortified than our troops in Bakhmut. The fact is that there had been no hostilities directly in Bakhmut before, so the entire defense had to be built there.

Thus, many firing and sniper points were built near Avdiivka. Positions are more prepared and shot.

It is much more difficult for the Russians there, because they do not know where they can fly from,” Hetman emphasized.

In his opinion, it will be very difficult for the occupying army there. They will have to spend a huge amount of shells and manpower to advance at least a few meters.

What is the situation in Avdiivka: briefly

  • After failures near Bakhmut, the Russians began to actively advance in the Avdiivka area. True, the enemy has not been able to break through the defenses in this direction for all 9 years of this war.
  • Only during the day on March 23, the enemy tried 15 times to storm the Ukrainian troops here. Another 7 attempts to storm the Avdeevka direction were among the Russians already on the night of March 24th. So the situation in the city is still very difficult.
  • Avdiivka is under constant mortar and artillery shelling. Rocket artillery and aviation operate in the city. Despite this, about 2,000 civilians still remain in the city.

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