It will definitely be useful, – Chernik about the desire of the “deadly” F-16 pilot to defend Ukraine


It will definitely be useful, - Chernik about the desire of the

Retired American pilot Lieutenant Colonel Dan Hampton announced his desire to protect the skies over Ukraine on the F-16. It would be just perfect if everything could be realized.

Military expert Petr Chernik told Channel 24 about this. According to him, this would be a great solution to the problem with pilots on F-16 fighters. But first you need to get the fighters themselves.

The main thing is that there should be a political solution

As Chernick emphasized, people like Dan Hampton are simply priceless. After all, in order to form the basic skills of flying the F-16, it takes about 6 months. And pilots like Dan already know how to do it and have tremendous experience.

It takes years and years of practice to become an ace. These are skills that are formed once and for all life. If they are also well honed… Definitely, such pilots would be very useful to us,” Chernik emphasized.

Will American pilots for the F-16 be useful to Ukraine – Chernik's opinion: watch the video

Of course, it is necessary that international partners transfer F-16 fighters to the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. And then you need to agree on it so that foreign pilots can defend Ukraine.

In addition, it will be an excellent information and psychological attack on the enemy. One can only imagine how they will scream in Russia when something similar happens.

Who is Dan Hampton

  • Dan Hampton is a retired lieutenant colonel with the callsign Two Dogs. He is called the “most lethal” F-16 pilot. He has flown 151 sorties and has many military awards among fighter pilots since the Vietnam War.
  • His legacy includes a Purple Heart, four Distinguished Flying Crosses for extraordinary heroism, and eight USAF Air Medals for valor in air combat.
  • Hampton believes that partners will transfer F-16 aircraft to Ukraine. And then you need to find people who have thousands of hours of flying on these fighters. He believes that there are enough pilots who would agree to come to help Ukraine. Hampton himself said he was ready to go for it if the governments agree on everything.

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