It will not be possible to escape: Kazakhstan will not give asylum to Russians fleeing mobilization

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You can't run away: Kazakhstan will not give asylum to Russians fleeing mobilization

Kazakhstan said it would not issue permanent residence permits to Russian citizens without Moscow's permission, as a large number of Russians seek to leave the country amid the announced mobilization.

The authorities of Kazakhstan will not issue permanent residence permits to Russian citizens who wish to leave the Russian Federation without Russia's permission after Putin announced a partial mobilization.

This is reported by RFE/RL with reference to Maulen Ashimbayev, Speaker of the Parliament of Kazakhstan.

According to him, the law enforcement and migration authorities of Kazakhstan are working in accordance with the law, considering applications of foreign citizens, including Russians, for obtaining permanent residence in the country.

“Our official institutions will not issue visas for residence to persons who do not provide documents confirming that their country of citizenship does not object to their relocation to Kazakhstan,” Ashimbaev said.

He also added that the state authorities of the country are aware of the situation with a sharp increase in the number of Russian citizens wishing to leave for Kazakhstan.

Let us recall that Kazakhstan (Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan (Uzbekistan until 2012) included or were part of the Treaty Organization on collective security) after the announcement in the Russian Federation of partial mobilization banned their citizens from fighting in Ukraine.

As reported, on September 21, during the morning address to the people, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the so-called partial mobilization throughout the country. Under the mobilization, according to the statement of the Russian dictator, the military will fall into the reserve, having military specialties and combat experience.

In turn, Latvia said that they would not issue any visas to Russians who evade mobilization in the Russian Federation .

Recall, the expert told in what directions Putin can throw 300 thousand mobilized.

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