It will take years, – the pilot-instructor said how long Ukraine can wait for aviation


It will take years, – the flight instructor said how long Ukraine can wait for aviation< /p>

Ukraine expects to receive combat aircraft from the West soon. In general, it will take years to fully provide the flight crew with aircraft.

About this Channel 24said a military expert, instructor pilot, reserve colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Roman Svitan. He believes that the first planes can arrive in Ukraine under Lend-Lease.

When Ukraine can get aviation

Svitan noted that the transfer It will take Ukraine a lot of time for the Western aviation.

If you completely transfer Ukrainian aviation to NATO standards and, roughly speaking, give each pilot his own “horse”, this really takes years, – said the flight instructor.

After all, he explained, there are twice as many pilots in Ukraine – three times as many as planes. Therefore, it will take years to “put the remaining flight personnel on the wing”.

How long Ukraine will wait for military aviation: watch the video

“The first planes will be delivered under Lend-Lease”

Svitan recalled that 100 million dollars were allocated for the training of US pilots. Ukrainian pilots have already started training.

Those two or three squadrons that we are counting on can be delivered in just a month or two. Most likely, the first planes will arrive under Lend-Lease – this is from October 1, – the military expert believes.

After receiving these planes, he stressed, our firepower will increase. It is they who will practically raise the offensive impulse of the Armed Forces of Ukraine so that our territories can be liberated from Russian invaders with minimal losses.

By the way!There are a number of modern standard combat aircraft that may be suitable for the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Therefore, according to military expert, chief editor of Defense Express Oleg Katkov, several options among fighters can be considered.

More about Ukraine's need for combat aircraft

  • Ukraine needs Western fighters, not only now on the battlefield. According to Ilya Ponomarenko, a military correspondent for The Kyiv Independent, the problem is much deeper, because someday the entire fleet of Soviet military aircraft will have to be updated.
  • In order to launch a powerful counteroffensive, Ukraine lacks serious weapons. Director of the Center for Army Research Valentyn Badrak called the receipt of aircraft by Ukraine one of the key issues in the war with Russia.
  • Speaker of the Air Force Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Yuriy Ignat told what kind of aircraft the Ukrainian “ghosts” dream of. The dreams of our pilots are very ambitious. They fight amazingly and have a strong sense of love for their country.

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