Italian “Doctor Death” killed patients with COVID-19 to free beds

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The head of the emergency department of the hospital in the Italian city of Montichiari, Carlo Mosca, was suspected of killing patients with coronavirus in order to free beds. La Repubblica reports.

The publication notes that the 47-year-old doctor was recently considered a hero, because he worked for days with infected patients in the so-called “dirty zone”. Last spring, when Italy was the world leader in the rate of COVID-19 spread, Mosca did not see his family for two months, saving the lives of patients. Now the physician is called “doctor death.”

Nurses at the clinic where Mosca worked said that the doctor often demanded to bring him powerful drugs, although this was not provided for by the protocol for treating coronavirus. In addition, the doctor asked to be left alone with seriously ill patients, which also aroused suspicion among the staff.

It is known about at least two cases of death of patients due to the actions of a doctor. So, according to the Italian prosecutor's office, in March, Mosca administered lethal doses of a potent anesthetic – propofol to 61-year-old Natale Bassi and 80-year-old Angelo Paletti. At the moment, law enforcement officers are establishing the doctor's involvement in four more deaths in a hospital in Lombardy.

The motives for the murders are not yet clear. The doctor's colleagues believe that he has gone mad due to the stress in the pandemic. However, the police believe that Mosca got rid of hopeless, in his opinion, patients in order to make room for new patients.

Police arrested a doctor on suspicion of murder and falsifying patient records on their medical records. Mosca himself denies all charges against him and does not admit that he used potent drugs.

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