It’s normal for you “everything is according to plan,” a political scientist from Russia about air defense on the roofs of Moscow


It's OK for you "everything is according to plan",– political scientist from Russia about air defense on rooftops Moscow

Air defense systems were installed on the roofs of Moscow. From the point of view of propaganda, it is absolutely unprofitable for the Kremlin to create an atmosphere of war among Muscovites, because this can lead to a drop in the level of its support.

At the same time, the demand for peace may increase. Moreover, it could lead to increased anti-war protests in Russia. Russian political scientist Abbas Gallyamov told Channel 24 about this.

Air defense on the roofs is not propaganda, but the real fear of the Kremlin

So, the Russians were ready for the development of events “in the spirit of the Crimea 2014 goda”, but are not ready to tolerate “SVO” on their territory. The main consequence of the increasingly active militarization in Russia may be an increased demand for peace among the citizens of the aggressor country, and this is unprofitable for the Kremlin.

Gallyamov suggested that most likely, the decision to install air defense systems on the roofs of buildings in Moscow was made to save the life of Vladimir Putin. After all, the Russian military is no longer sure of anything, including whether Ukraine has weapons capable of reaching Moscow.

Political technology is (the installation of air defense on the roofs in Moscow – Channel 24) is unprofitable, defeat. This is confirmation that everything is not going according to plan at all. Putin says that “everything is going according to plan.” And what is the plan about if air defense systems are already being installed on the roofs of Moscow? You have a normal plan,” the Russian political scientist noted.

Despite the fact that, from the point of view of PR, the installation of air defense systems is a defeat, this remains a secondary issue. First of all, the Kremlin cannot rule out that Ukraine has the appropriate weapons. Given that information has appeared that the Ukrainians have developed a drone capable of covering a distance of 1 thousand kilometers.

Gallyamov commented on the installation of air defense on the roofs in Moscow: watch the video

In addition, Russia fears that the United States will provide Ukraine with long-range missiles. Galyamov also said that after the explosions at a military airfield near Russian Ryazan, the opinion was spreading in the aggressor country that the UAVs that caused “trouble” did not even fly there from Ukraine, but allegedly the Ukrainian DRG did this from the territory of Russia.

“In simple words, they protect Putin because they are afraid that he will be killed. And where they protect Putin, respectively, and all Muscovites,” summed up the Russian political scientist.

Installing air defense on rooftops in Moscow: the latest

  • In Moscow, air defense is being installed on administrative buildings. Yes, it is known about the installation of at least 3 Pantsir-S1 complexes, namely on the roof of the Ministry of Defense of the aggressor country, the administrative building in Teterinsky Lane and the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs at 38 Petrovka.
  • According to Bloomberg, in The Kremlin may be frightened by the work of drones, due to the activity of which allegedly there was a “pop” near Saratov and Ryazan. These cities are located not so far from Moscow itself. Namely, at a distance of about 800 and 200 km, respectively, from the Russian capital.
  • At the same time, Russian human rights activist and opposition politician Mark Feigin believes that the occupiers are preparing attacks on “decision-making centers” in Ukraine. And because they are worried that they might “fly back”, they install air defense systems.

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