It's not about Surovikin: cruelty to civilians is Russia's usual method of warfare, – ISW


This is not about Surovikin: Cruelty to civilians is Russia's usual method of warfare, – ISW

On the eve of Sergei Surovikin, he was appointed commander of the Russian troops. And this is precisely what is being attributed to the massive missile strikes on Ukraine over the past few days.

But analysts at the Institute for the Study of War disagree. They note that massive missile strikes, which were also carried out in addition, are the usual method of warfare by the aggressor country.

Russian troops are working out the Syrian scenario

According to the compilers of the report, Surovikin's appointment most likely does not explain the massive missile attack in Ukraine. Analysts at the same time quote the representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense Andrei Yusov, who noted that the corresponding attacks are similar to those carried out by the invaders under the leadership of Surovikin in Syria.

The Institute for the Study of War recalled that Surovikin had previously participated in the war against Ukraine. First, he served as commander of the Russian Aerospace Forces, and then led the Southern Group of Russian troops. Other Russian commanders involved in the war in Syria also fought with him.

  • For example, Alexander Dvornikov,who was appointed in April to the position currently held by Surovikin, also led Russian troops in Syria in 2015-2016. He became known for deliberate as well as brutal attacks on civilians.
  • Colonel General Alexander Chaiko, former commander of the Eastern Military District. He also actively participated in the first stages of a full-scale war. Chaiko, they emphasize at the Institute, led the headquarters of Russian troops in Syria from 2015 to 2016.

Attack on civilians is the Russian scheme of war

As the authors of the report noted, all the leaders of the Russian military districts, aerospace and airborne commanders served at least once in Syria. They were either chiefs of staff there or commanders of the Russian forces. And it was they who gave orders to deliberately shoot at civilian infrastructure, including hospitals and food stores.

Analysts emphasize that the disregard for international law, as well as the enthusiasm for bullying the civilian population, is a standard scheme for Russian troops in Syria. And it was inherent both before, during, and after Surovikin's tenure as commander. The authors of the report emphasize that this is part of the Russian way of waging war.

Recall that on October 11, the Russian military launched another massive missile strike. Enemies fired 28 cruise missiles:

  • 16 X-101/X-555 type;
  • 12 Caliber type.

In addition, the invaders attacked Ukraine with kamikaze drones. In total, air defense forces managed to destroy 33 air targets. We are talking about 20 cruise missiles and 13 UAVs.

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