It's not about Ukraine: Putin can repeat the fate of Mussolini


Delo not in Ukraine: Putin may repeat the fate of Mussolini

It's not about Ukraine: how to defeat Putin's Russia/Getty Images

After my release (from captivity in the temporarily occupied territory of Donbass – Channel 24), one of the most frequent questions was “is it possible to negotiate with Russia”?

I always said “no, and Russia itself will show it,” which happened on February 24. Now the same thing is happening with the West: don't waste your emotions on those who say “give away part of Ukraine and everything will end.”

Russia will show itself

Peaceful evening in Rome or in a cafe in Budapest may lead to similar thoughts. But Russia itself will show them that it is no longer a matter of Ukraine for it.

Hitler could not be bought, intimidated, persuaded, or given up part of Europe “so that everything ends.” He could only be defeated. But to understand this, World War II was needed.

How to defeat Russia

How can a nuclear state be defeated? On the usual front: the number of losses should shock Russia so that Putin ends up like Mussolini, and by the hands of the Russians themselves.

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