“It's not true, it's all for show”: propagandists published an “interesting” video with Putin in Mariupol


Russian propagandists continue to publish photos and videos from the night visit of dictator Vladimir Putin to the temporarily occupied Mariupol. However, at one point they screwed up.

One of the largest propaganda channels in Russia did not cut out an interesting moment from the video, in which the voice of a local resident is heard, Channel 24 reports. At the same time, other resources removed these frames.

The propagandists screwed up again

We are talking about the Kremlin propagandists from RIA Novosti, who published footage of the alleged meeting of the Russian dictator with local residents near the residential complex, which the occupiers hastily built in the city they destroyed.

In the video, the voice of a woman is heard shouting: “It's all not true! It's all for show!” However, the dictator continued his performance.

Footage burned by propagandists: watch the video

Interestingly, if you save the video from the original source, that is, from the propaganda channel, then the automatic title of the video is very expressive. Rather, the word “show off” is directly used there.

Propagandists have a glitch / Screenshot

Propagandists from RIA Novosti fail not for the first time

In July last year, we caught RIA Novosti propagandists in a very interesting file – every day they published maps from the front, where they noted Russian missile and artillery strikes on the temporarily occupied territories.

Such a file actually demonstrated the recognition by the Russians that they themselves are shelling the occupied settlements. Interestingly, after our publication, the propagandists drew attention to their fail and since then the marks of Russian strikes on the occupied cities have disappeared. However, the screenshots do not light up and you can see them here.

Why did Putin end up in Mariupol and why did he do it at night

On the night of March 19, Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin decided to take refuge in Mariupol, temporarily occupied and destroyed by the Russians. The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine noted that the dictator made this visit like a thief – under the cover of night, in order to hide the consequences of the actions of the enemy army in the city.

Adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs Vadim Denisenko noted that Putin did not take a personal cameraman and photographer to either Mariupol or Sevastopol, and the leader of the aggressor state has a good reason for this. The fact is that the dictator is very afraid, and society is beginning to understand this.

President of Mariupol Television Nikolai Osichenko noted that for the entire time that “the Donbass was bombed for 8 years,” Putin did not come to Donetsk or Lugansk, instead, in such a strange way, he showed how important the land corridor to Crimea was to him and that if you have to make a gesture of tough will, then even Donetsk can become one.

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