Ivanka Trump stopped communicating with her father

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Ivanka Trump stopped communicating with her father

In the entourage of former American President Donald Trump, conversations about when he will make peace with his daughter do not subside.

Almost immediately after the presidential election, Ivanka Trump stopped communicating with her parent. And not at all because he lost to his opponent Joe Biden , but because of his father's unwillingness to move on after the defeat, according to Le Point.

“After his high-profile departure from Washington and his return to Florida, Donald Trump did not turn the page and complained for hours about his“ stolen ”elections,” Ivanka Trump's friends say.

Therefore, the daughter of the ex-president of the United States, together with her husband Jared Kushner, decided to stop communicating with her father indefinitely.

After settling in Miami, Ivanka waits for work to finish on her villa, built on the private island of Indian Creek.

In recent months, the former head of state has seen little of his daughter, which cannot be said about the time when he was the head of the White House. Then Donald and Ivanka were inseparable, which, according to friends, spoiled her reputation, so she left away from everyone's attention.

“Neither Ivanka nor her husband Jared was at the usual spring and summer events at Trump's Mar-a-Lago club,” the regulars say. – Neither Ivanka nor Trump's wife Melania attended the 75th birthday celebrations of the former head of state in Bedminster on June 14. This is all strange.

Donald Trump currently lives in his summer residence located at a private golf club in New Jersey. He is resting alone, Melania and her son stayed in Florida.

– Ivanka Trump no longer intends to engage in any activity related to the political career of her father, – are confident in the entourage of the ex-President of the United States. “After spending four years in his ministry and extensive travels around the country, she is now enjoying being with her family and friends.

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